Window Tinting

Window Tinting (Auto and Residential)

We are specialists in auto glass and residential window tinting in Tempe, Arizona. Find out more about our high quality tinting solutions and experience first hand the many benefits that window tinting can offer you...

Why Tint Your Windows?

Whether it's your car, house or office, window tinting offers many practical benefits that you'll see and feel every single day...


Auto Glass Window Tinting

As window tinting specialists based in Tempe, we provide professional tinting solutions for cars, SUVs, trucks and many other vehicles. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality tinting solutions that are virtually indistinguishable from factory-fitted privacy glass and offer up to 99% protection from UV light, while also enhancing the look of your car, SUV or truck. Our high performance tinting films are fitted to the vehicle by one of our expert technicians to ensure the best possible fit and finish is achieved for the client.

Residential Window Tinting

We also supply and fit high-quality window tinting films for windows on residential buildings. Our high performance films offer protection from harmful UV light and make your interior both more comfortable and private, while also protecting furniture, upholstery and carpets from damage caused by sunlight. We offer a range of different tinting options to choose from, with each being fitted to your windows by our experienced technicians who work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Window tinting

Reduced Heat

Window tinting reduces heat and provides you with a cooler, more comfortable interior. By reducing air conditioning usage, it can also help to save you money!

Reduced Glare

Glare from the sun can be both annoying and hazardous. By getting your windows tinted, the problem can be greatly reduced.

Protection from UV Rays

Window tinting protects you from up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Increased Privacy

Keep your interior light and airy, while also ensuring optimum privacy levels. Window tinting will keep your space private and more secure.

Protection from Light Damage

Window tinting helps to protect upholstery, carpets and furniture from becoming faded as a result of being exposed to the sun. Protect your investment with high-quality window tinting solutions.

Enhanced Appearance

Last but not least, window tinting significantly enhances the appearance of any car or building. Choose from a wide variety of tinting options to achieve the aesthetic you are looking for.

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